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I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce INDIESYNC.COM.
We’re a new independent music services company based in Manchester, UK.

We offer services to independent content owners (Solo artists, Bands, Composers, Labels, Publishers).

Our main service is music representation with a focus on seeking out sync licensing opportunities.

Our aim is to bridge the divide between you, the music creator/owner and those looking to find great, relevant and exciting new music to license for TV, Movie and other projects around the world.

We’re in the process of building the INDIESYNC.COM catalogue. Once all music is cataloged it will be made available to search and license from at INDIESYNC.COM.

In the next month we’ll be adding more features. The next up is a total licensing solution. The feature will enable those looking to license music to do so without having to leave INDIESYNC.COM.
SEARCH, LISTEN & LICENSE as we like to call it.

INDIESYNC will actively work the catalogue as our goal is to seek out sync and other licensing opportunities for our clients.

Would this service be of interest to you?

If yes then visit and follow the instructions.

Regards and best,

Mark Ryan

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